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We were dedicated to producing healthy, happy, trainable Belgians that excelled in conformation, agility, herding and tracking.  Unfortunately due to some unforeseen problems with stomach cancer occurring in close relatives, we have no future plans of producing any more litters.  In addition to needing a "job" to do, our dogs thrive on spending quality indoor time with their owners. 

It is frequently said that once you own a Belgian, you will never go to the bathroom alone again.  They are convinced that anytime you move, they must follow - just in case you decide to start throwing tennis balls in the shower or have some other very important job that they must assist with. 

Belgians (any variety) are high energy dogs whose activity level may not be appropriate for all family situations.  Let me stress - Tervs are tireless.  In addition to hard, physical exercise they need mental stimulation.  Plenty of mental stimulation.  A quote from the breed standard "usually in motion when not under command" is an apt description of most Belgians.

To learn more about Belgian Tervuren history, health problems, questions to ask breeders and what to expect if you purchase a Tervuren, please see the American Belgian Tervuren Club Home Page. 

Member of the American Belgian Tervuren Club and the Redwood Belgian Tervuren Fanciers.

We adhere to the American Belgian Tervuren Club's Breeder Pledge and have signed the Code of Ethics.



Our "Coffee Shop" Litter (sr Stavropol de la Clairiere aux Louves x CH Landmark Message in a Bottle, STDs) was whelped on 3/22/2014.  Pages and photos soon ("soon" appears to be a relative term) of "Bean" (Landmark La Barrista);  "Tea" (CH Landmark Chai Latte) and "Jose" (Landmark Cuppa Joe). 

Tea finished her championship at 18 months with a 5 point major at the Northern Nevada Belgian Tervuren Supported Entry on 9/26 (Bonanza KC, Carson City, NV).  She only needed 1 point going into the show and finished big!  Thanks to Cheryl Luce for the photo below of Tea picking up her 2nd major (1 year old) at Sacramento KC in April 2015.

Jose (being a big goober) is starting to come together and is able to concentrate on moving in a straight line.  Jose has 11 points (5, 3, 3) as of mid-April 2016.


Cover Boy

dog world cover

Lance (Landmark Third Times a Charm) owned by Mike & Susan Garcia of Lemon Grove, CA is the cover dog for the January 2009 issue of Dog World!!!